Animal Health Advice

We work with Animal Health, Defra and other partners to ensure readiness for any suspected animal disease in Warwickshire. Livestock keepers must remain vigilant for signs of disease, no matter where in the country they are. Any signs of disease must be reported to the local Defra Animal Health office without delay. Livestock keepers have a vital frontline role in detecting disease and in helping control and eradicated it. Everybody must take full responsibility for ensuring stringent bio security and compliance with movement restrictions. Warwickshire businesses wishing to make an animal health or animal health licensing enquiry should contact the Animal Health Licensing Team.

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Business Companion provides free and impartial legal guidance for businesses and individuals that need to know about trading standards and consumer protection legislation. Key topics and business activities include fair trading law, product safety, underaged sales, food standards and safety, animal health & welfare and weights & measures.

Feed hygiene regulation

The provisions of EC Regulation 183/2005 (‘the Feed Hygiene Regulation’) came into effect on the 1st January 2008, replacing the Feeding Stuffs (Establishments & Intermediaries) Regulation 1999.

The Feed Hygiene Regulation applies to the production of animal feed at all stages, including at primary level (i.e on the farm).

The Feed Hygiene Regulation requires you to notify this Service of current animal feed activities conducted at any establishment under your control, with a view to registration/ approval.

If you are unsure whether you need to register your business or would like more details of the requirements, please see the guidance notes below.

Additional Animal Health Guidance

Animal Diseases

Great Britain Poultry Register

Animal Movement Record Books

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service has previously provided movement books for recording movement details for cattle/sheep/goats/pigs/deer at a cost of £2.50. Due to changes in legislation the service are stopping supplying these books but instead will supply individual herd registers, pig registers and medicine books free of charge. We advise that for sheep movements farmers use the flock register on the

Pig Movements

Please note that after 31 March 2012, paper AML2’s can no longer be used when moving pigs. Pig movements after this date must be reported using the eAML2 online pre-notification system. A helpline for keepers is available at MLCSL 0844 335 8400 or email:

Sheep and Goat Movements

From 1st April 2014 the responsibility of recording movements of sheep, goats and deer moved from the local authority to contractors SouthWestern.

You can now:

  • You can access a free, user friendly electronic movement reporting service from ‘ARAMS’
  • Set up moves and print your movement documents (avoid repetitious activity!)
  • Report moves on to your farm – with a click of a button
  • Choice of a free electronic holding register
  • Paper reporting is still available if you can’t report electronically
  • More information is available on
  • The new paper movement documents can be obtained from abattoirs and markets

Faxed copies and scanned e-mails of movement forms will be accepted.
The 3 day reporting criteria remains the same.
Address for sending movement details after 1 April 2014:

Postal address
Animal Reporting & Movement Service
PO Box 6299
MK10 1ZQ

If you require further advice please call Warwickshire Trading Standards Service on 01926 414040.

Small Holder or ‘Pet’ Livestock Keeper? Advice For You

Animal Health Advice for Consumers

If you own or manage a premises with a high volume of animals such as a boarding establishment, the CSW Resilience Team can support you in developing your emergency evacuation procedures. Contact them on, or call 024 7683 4332