eBooks, eAudio books, eMagazines, eNewspapers and eMusic

Enjoy electronic versions of printed books, audio books, magazines, newspapers and classical music for free with your library card.

You will need a library card number and PIN to login or register.  If you are not a library member, join online and we will send you a library card with a valid number.

eBooks and eAudio books

We have two collections of eBooks and eAudio books provided by:

  1. Overdrive – popular fiction, biographies and other factual titles in eAudio book and eBook.
  2. RB Digital – popular fiction and biography eBooks, with a large collection of eAudio book titles.

The benefits:

  • You can download five eBooks or eAudio books for three weeks for free, from each of our collections.
  • No more overdues as your items are automatically returned when your loan period ends.
  • You can choose your loan period or return early.
  • Download in the UK and when travelling abroad.

1. Overdrive eBooks and eAudio books

  • Browse the Overdrive collection and login with your library card number and PIN.
  • Borrow and read on your tablet or smart phone using Overdrive’s Libby app or in your web browser.
  • Download to your eReader or PC.  You may need an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions software.
  • Read eBooks in your web browser without any apps or software.


2. RB Digital eBooks and eAudio books


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eMagazines – RB Digital

Popular magazines on your PC, tablet, mobile or eReader.

  • Start by creating an account, on the RB Digital website, with your library card number and email address.
  • Borrow and read on your tablet or smart phone with the rb digital app,  or in your web browser.


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eNewspapers – Press Reader

UK and world wide newspapers from Press Reader. There are two ways to read:

  1. In your web browser from any location, including your home. Log into your Library Account and follow the Press Reader Newspapers link.
  2. Download to the Press Reader app from a library hot spot. You then have three days use of the app, from anywhere, before you need to visit a hot spot again.


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eMusic – Naxos Music Library

Free streaming of classical music. There are two ways to listen:

  • Listen on your computer. Login with your library card.
  • Or with the app on your mobile or tablet. To install the app and create an account:
    1. Go to the Naxos website;
    2. log in with your library card number and select ‘Mobile app’ from the menu;
    3. follow the instructions for the ‘Public Library Card Holder’. Apple users – limit your app search to ‘iPhone’ only.

App tip – once you’re up and running, find your personal playlists under ‘Student Playlists’.

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eBooks, eAudio books, eMagazines, eNewspapers and eMusic was last updated on December 21, 2017.