Friend or End

Would you say the right thing? It’s your life in their hands

The number one killer in Warwickshire of 17-25 year olds is Dangerous Driving.

In our survey we gave you seven scenarios. Seven opportunities to do something to make you safer. Saying the right thing might not always seem easy, even if met with a negative response, however saying the right thing can save your life. A small price to pay.

As a passenger

Take back control for your safety…

If you feel unsafe as a passenger, you have a right to address the situation. Here’s some suggestions when in the car with someone who is driving dangerously:

  • I forgot something, can you stop over there?
  • I think I’m going to be sick, can you stop!
  • OMG, just seen my old mate, slow down a bit and stop a second.

As a driver

Is your driving worrying others?

  • It’s time to Slow Down – speed really does kill.
  • Alcohol and drugs have been killing people on the road for years – don’t add to the stats and grief
  • Your mates don’t like being scared, they’ll lose respect for you
  • Don’t drive too close to the vehicle in front, ease off the pedal and chill out
  • Your mates can take the call, you can concentrate and not be distracted by your phone
  • You will be held responsible for the death or injury or others in your car, how would you feel if you killed your best mate, your girlfriend? Could you handle the shame?

As a Pedestrian

The stuff you learnt at school when you were young still counts. Except now you may have a phone in your hand or be under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

  • If you are going out at night – stick to well lit streets on the way home and stick to the pavement
  • Consider getting a Taxi to take you home or to your mates house, they’ll be a better navigator and get you home safe!

About our quiz

We want to engage with young people aged 17-25 to raise awarness of 7 key areas of road safety – just a few tips to keep you safe when out and about on the road:

  • Don’t use a phone whilst driving
  • Don’t Drink Drive
  • Do wear a seatbelt
  • Think about how you are going to get home safely after a night out?
  • Don’t speed
  • Don’t Tailgate

17-25 year olds make up 35% of fatal casualties in Warwickshire and 33% of all casualties*

* The total number of 17-25 year olds killed or injured in the last 3 years (2012-2015) in Warwickshire. = 2033. The percentage of collisions that involve casualties in that age group in the last 3 years in Warwickshire. = 29%

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