Road funding – Pothole action fund

In April 2016 the Department for Transport made additional grant allocations to highway authorities specifically to tackle potholes.

In financial year 2016/17 Warwickshire County Council was allocated £832,000 from the pothole action fund. This money has been spent in the following ways:

  • Approximately 4,700 potholes have been attended to and permanently repaired on the first visit. These are generally potholes picked up as Category 2 defects by our safety inspectors and are batched together for crews to attend to within 28 days of notification. These are permanent repairs which involve a hot material fill up to a maximum size of 1m2.
  • Approximately 5160m2 of structural patching has been carried out over 27 sites. These are areas, general junctions or complete roads, where there are significant defects and structural issues with the carriageway. Each site is assessed and any other defects, such as damaged kerbs or gullies, are repaired at the same time. These sites are additional to those planned to be carried out in 2016/17.
  • Approximately 3500m2 of patching has been carried out over 140 sites. These areas are where pot holes have formed over 1m2 and first time fix is not an option. The patching increases the life of our network and has been additional works over our planned budget spend in 2016/17.

Road funding – Pothole action fund was last updated on October 24, 2017.