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We provide a range of social networking sites and services. The following list provides information about our official social networking sites and presences. If you have any queries about the use of our online services or wish to report any concerns, please contact webmaster@warwickshire.gov.uk.

If you find any other social networking sites or presences which may claim to be provided by Warwickshire County Council, which do not appear on this page, they are not an officially approved council site and should not be taken to be representative of the council.

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Social networking policy and advice

The growth of social networking services, such as blogs, discussion forums and wikis, is changing the way that public services think about engaging with citizens online.

It is important that where the council provides or is involved in social networking services, we act professionally and responsibly.

The following policies set out how all council representatives will be expected act when using social networking services. The policies also set out how the council will act responsibly to promote the safety of everyone who uses social networking services as part of a council service.