Warwickshire Town Centres

Warwickshire County Council is working to support the town centres and high streets of Warwickshire in order to enable and encourage a mix of uses that will enhance the offer and maintain prosperous and vibrant centres. Warwickshire County Councils core aims:

  • Warwickshire’s communities and individuals are supported to be safe, healthy and independent
  • Warwickshire’s economy is vibrant and supported by the right jobs, training and skills and infrastructure

Warwickshire Town Network

The Warwickshire Towns Network was set up by the Town Centres & Tourism team to help support and grow town centre businesses and partnerships. The network brings towns together to share ideas and solutions and learn from and support each other.

All organisations and businesses who have an interest in the health and vitality of Warwickshire’s towns are welcome to participate. The network has a strong twitter following and gets together bi-annually for networking.
The Annual Conference of the Network attracts a wide range of professional bodies such as the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM).

Forums are held throughout the year to bring together ‘Place Practitioners’ from each town to discuss current plans and issues within the regeneration and town centre agenda. The county-wide group has representatives from local authorities engaged in town centre management and the high street prosperity agenda as well as representatives from BIDs/ Town Centre Companies and town representatives from the smaller towns. The purpose of the group is to share best practice and ideas between towns and learn from each other’s experiences, inform about any business and funding opportunities, relevant national and local policy, initiatives and trends as well as public sector activity that affects or impacts on the high street.

For more information please contact the team

Some of the Forum members:

Retailer Training Courses

Warwickshire County Council, through the Warwickshire Towns Network, offer free training programme to retailers in all towns and large villages across Warwickshire. Businesses are asked to dedicate time and commitment to improve their business and the wider town centre offer.

  • How to Create Your Own Footfall will commence in February 2019 in Bedworth and Kenilworth.
  • Bedworth – Mondays 10:00-14:00 (11 Feb, 25 Feb, 4 Mar, 25 Mar 2019).
  • Kenilworth – Tuesdays 10:00-14:00 (12 Feb, 26 Feb, 5 Mar, 26 Mar 2019).
  • Digital Business Skill Training has been completed in Nov 2018.

For more details on the current availability of courses, eligibility and booking please contact towns@warwickshire.gov.uk.

Warwickshire Placemaking Fund

A new capital fund is now available for projects within Warwickshire Town Centres which will enhance, improve, and enliven the town centres across Warwickshire.

In total £134,000 of capital money is available for projects which will

  • Create an uplift in the local economy of Warwickshire town centres
  • Improve the visitor experience through signage, information, attractions, and interactions
  • Improve working partnerships / networks within the town between businesses, residents and local communities
  • Create or enhance civic (shared) space which encourage increase people to stay in town longer, increased community use, increased footfall, or increased spend in the town
  • Improve the physical appearance of a town centre

How it Works: For a project to apply for the Warwickshire Placemaking Fund an applicant has to upload their project onto spacehive and participate in a crowdfunding campaign. The project will then be matched to the Fund if they meet all the basic criteria. WCC will then be alerted to the project and will carry out an assessment against the key criteria before making a decision as to whether to offer funding towards it.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding projects can be a powerful way to increase the impact of council spending by combining their funds with cash, but also the skills and experience of individuals and businesses who are also passionate about making a specific project happen, whether transforming a disused coal line into a public park, a pop-up market in a town or bringing an arts hub to life.

More information about the fund.

Purple Tuesday

Purple Tuesday is the UK’s first accessible shopping day, established to recognise the importance and needs of disabled consumers and promote inclusive shopping.

This year the UK’s Accessible shopping day is TUESDAY 13th NOVEMBER 2018.

The aim of Purple Tuesday is to make customer-facing businesses more aware of these opportunities and challenges and inspire them to make changes to improve the disabled customer experience over the long term.

Any business or organisation that interacts with disabled customers – either at a physical location or online – the more the merrier! They are strongly encouraging retailers to consider signing up.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday encourages people to use their local shops and traders and help to support the local economy. Warwickshire County Council support the event each year via social media and press coverage showcasing the range of small independents we have Warwickshire.


Warwickshire County Council teamed up with Loughbourgh University to carry out research which establishes the digital footprint across all Warwickshire Towns. The research is currently being finalised and results will be available shortly.

Warwickshire Town Centres was last updated on December 4, 2018.