About us

The Transport and Economy group is responsible for overseeing and implementing a range of vital projects across the county.


  • Improving and maintaining the road transport network
  • Promoting road safety through engineering
  • Providing transport needs for the public, school children and adults with social care needs
  • Providing in-house vehicle maintenance
  • Provision of highway and structural design service
  • Strategic analysis of transport infrastructure.


  • Supporting the national drive to encourage sustainable growth in jobs
  • Development of Warwickshire communities and improved quality of life for our customers living in those communities.

Groups within the Transport and Economy service:

County Fleet Management

This is the in-house vehicle maintenance and fleet management provider. The unit satisfies vehicle maintenance requirements both to internal and external clients.

County Highways

County Highways is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the condition of our most valuable asset – namely the highway network throughout Warwickshire.

The group deals with all aspects of maintaining a safe network, which stretches to nearly 2,500 miles, from day to day routine repairs, managing the response to winter and other extreme weather events, through to using asset management techniques and systems to inform the development of long term investment strategies and programmes of work.

Design Services

Design Services makes a key contribution to the economic regeneration of Warwickshire, providing civil, structural and traffic engineering client and consultant services for the county council’s programme of transport improvements. The group also carry out infrastructure improvements required for private sector developments.

Programme and project management make up Design Services core business, as well as the design, procurement and construction of highways and highway structures. We also manage and maintain important assets, including the county council’s bridges and highway structures and traffic signals.

Economy and Skills

Using data analysis and intelligence, Economy and Skills pro-actively work with partners to support and increase business growth, investment, employment and skills attainment within the Warwickshire economy.

The group has responsible for the delivery of a number of key economic development programmes, working strategically with key bodies (such as the Local Enterprise Partnership, Chamber of Commerce and Federation of Small Businesses) to help drive growth and prosperity within the area.

Infrastructure and Regeneration

Supports economic growth in partnership with key stakeholders, such as other local authorities, central government, businesses, communities and schools.

The work the group is responsible for includes: town centre planning and regeneration, promoting Warwickshire tourism, the HS2 project, planning through the allocation of Section 106 funds, supporting the rural economy and regeneration throughout the county.

Planning Development, Flood Risk Management and Water Management

Responsible for mineral and waste development, ensuring the principles and standards of highway design are met as Highways Authority and overseeing the creation of new roads offered for adoption. It also seeks to create the conditions for growth through its lead strategic planning role. This unit also works to reduce the risk of flooding through flood alleviation schemes.

Traffic and Transport Planning

This group is focussed on reducing the number of casualties on Warwickshire’s roads, the unit integrates engineering, education and enforcement. It also implements traffic management measures and Traffic Regulation Orders.

Traffic and Transport Planning is also responsible for drafting and managing the Local Transport Plan (LTP) which provides plans and policies for highways and transport in Warwickshire. The unit also provides advice on transport to a range of organisations across the county to ensure that transport is prioritised in planning and that it supports economic growth.

Transport Operations

Transport Operations formulates policies to secure and manage passenger transport services where these cannot be delivered commercially. The group also coordinates the passenger transport network across the county.

Work includes: the Concessionary Travel Scheme, school transport provision, including those with additional transport needs, and ensuring that information on public transport is available throughout Warwickshire.